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Shungopavi Village Library

Shungopavi Village Library

We are coordinating with the Village of Shungopavi staff to establish a community library. 

Shungopavi has a goal to establish a village learning center including computer stations and a library.

Our vision, in support of this goal, is to provide a small start up library in an existing building that is used as a Senior Center in the center of the Village of Shungopavi. 

Hopi girl reading a book at home. “Reading opens a door to the world.  It enables a Hopi child to cross the boundary between their isolated village and the rest of the world. Children on the Hopi reservation have limited opportunities to read, whether from high quality children’s books or on a tablet. They just don’t own many books, and internet is sparse.

Down the road we can envision a few comfortable chairs and carpeting,  high school students or parents volunteering to read to the little ones, a story hour, maybe crafts related to the story, and even a teen book club.

If books are available, the idea becomes a reality, and childhood literacy becomes a path to success in this world. 

 It has been documented that the surest way to develop reading skills is to read to children from a young age.  Books to make you laugh, teach you about other people and transport you to places you probably will never visit. If a child struggles with reading, it is likely he or she will not succeed in school. 

Hopi boy with new binoculars on top of cliff edge with tractor in background represents Hopi youth looking to the future and welcoming learning enrichment supplies and vision for the future

Hopi youth looking to the future by Robert Harrison.

Energy follows intention and imagination.
Please help us make this vision come true!

There will be many books for parents, grandparents, and older children to read to the younger ones, as well as donated fiction for adults who love to read.

Our primary focus is to start with children’s books, from board books for toddlers, to easy beginning readers to novels for teens, from picture books, both fiction and science oriented to biographies and joke books.

Children are naturally mimics, and if they see their mom or dad often enjoying a good book, or learning, for instance, how to make a solar heater, it is more likely they will see reading as a valuable as well as fun activity.

As we receive contributions, we can gradually expand the non-fiction section for teens and adults; such as nature field guides, cultural-archaeological, teen social issues, building a website, local medicinal plants and more.”  (Lainie Hoglan)

Childrens books in colored coded tubs for Shungopavi Village Library

Books for Hopi Youth in Shungopavi being assembled for delivery.

As of fall, 2020 we have:

Consulted with the village office on library needs and the space they have for this.

We have shipped the first sets of shelves to the village.

A young Hopi girl is reading a new children's book brought to her by Lainie Hoglan.

Hopi child receiving reading books from Lainie Hoglan to encourage love of reading.

Lainie Hoglan, our honorary Librarian, who is a former teacher dedicated to childhood literacy–has been ordering and collecting children’s fiction books for several weeks now.  She has set up a color coding system to make it easier to sort and find the kids books in the new library and is advising us on shelf labeling and supplies.  Lainie will organize and shelve the books for Shungopavi Village.

Shungopavi Village Library logo by Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison, a volunteer who is a web design and graphics specialist, is setting up a website with book inventory and check out system for the community to use.  He is also donating a lap top for the Shungopavi Village office to use to check out the books.  Rob designed this logo.

Sharon Harrison is working on dewey decimal code labels for the non-fiction books and fiction labels on adult fiction books.

Sandra Cosentino is organizing the project and coordinating with the Village and is also a former teacher.  She is doing outreach in the Verde Valley area to generate funding to purchase books and for donation of  good quality non-fiction books for grade school age through adult in subject areas below.

For the initial set up this fall, we are looking for donations to purchase new books such as these:

  • 1. Field guides specific to Arizona and the Southwest: birds, mammals, tracks, trees, shrubs, flowers, ecosystems, medicinal herbs of this region
  • 2. Hopi and Ancestral Puebloan Ancestor reference books (culture, anthropology, archaeology, history).  If space allows, we could include other tribal groups of northern Arizona too.
  • 3. Science books (illustrated, non-technical, and understandable for elementary, high school age and young adult) on topics such as: geography, geology, vulcanology, weather, astronomy, planetary, biology, botany, zoology, oceanography and marine biology, toxicology, climate change.
  • 4. Teen and young adult social issues and self-help books
  • 5. Healthy eating guidance
  • 6. Solar greenhouses and solar energy specific to northern Arizona climate
  • 7. Permaculture garden and orchard growing
  • 8. Land and water conservation practices and careers
  • 9. Art inspiration and learning; such as, learning to draw, craft making for kids
  • 10.  Sports that may be of interest to the youth
  • 11. Computer graphics and website set up


If want to donate some good quality, lightly used books in the above subject matter as well as children’s fiction books, please call 928-282-0846 

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