Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

2018 Photos Crossing Worlds Projects

2018 Photos Crossing Worlds Projects

2018 Photos

2017 Straw bale natural home with start of food growing terraces by Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture.  In 2017 and 2018 we contributed support for plantings and drip systems at several Hopi home sites of permaculture trainees including this new build.  Photo and permaculture training by Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture.

Produce Deliveries donations from Dee Logan (shown in photo) and Arizona Community Farmers’ Markets in the Phoenix.  We coordinated distribution at Hopi and contributed to delivery truck rental/gas.

Hopi Winter Heat Volunteer Project

Hugh and Lainie Hoglan, 2 of our very active volunteers, took the initiative to purchase their own new pick up and trailer to haul coal and wood for winter heat for Hopi families in need.  We provided donations to this to supplement their Go Fund Me and personal donations to this project.  A big thank you to them!

Lainie created teaching circles in bead jewelry making with Hopi ladies while Hugh was out on the long coal runs.

They also donated their trusty Suburu to a young Hopi family who needed transportation to get to work and also to make deliveries of donations in their village.

1 of 2 Hopi Youth field trips to Verde Valley Archaeology Sites in 2018

Hopi Holiday Project Photos, December, 2018

Part of our 2018 Delivery Team. We had Hopi community organizers in each of the 1st and 2nd Mesa villages we delivered to. Photo by Jackie Klieger

1st Mesa holiday pot luck luncheon organized by community members. We provided turkey, hams; produce, gift and toiletry bags and kids gifts in support. Photo by Jackie Klieger.

During this, our 20th anniversary, we focused on quality learning games, art supplies (which many Hopis use for their livelihood–kids learn to do art at home at an early age), men’s carving tools and sports items.  Photos by Sandra Cosentino.

Hopi Ancestral Lands Support

We were pleased to make donations in support of the Hopi Ancestral Lands project and Adventures for Hopis outdoor training.

There were other projects not shown, such as:  providing food and supplies for ceremonial activities during the year, family support; support for Hopi Foster Care youth during the year, and donation to the Hopi Education Endowment Fund.