Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment and provides cross-cultural learning opportunities for all peoples.

We conduct service projects on Hopi Indian lands in support of cultural continuance, self-reliance, self-esteem, self-empowerment and maintaining life (some are listed below).  This changes every year as we respond to Hopi members of our circle’s identification of needs.

We facilitate cross-cultural sharing. We believe that as we share in respect and friendship, valuing diversity, we all learn from each other in this great circle of life. We are a bridge for people to learn about and be inspired by the living earth and indigenous cultural wisdom and for Native people to speak in their own voice.

Climbing cave was part of playground equipment for 4 Hopi pre-school campuses.

Climbing cave was part of playground equipment for 4 Hopi pre-school campuses.


  • Annual winter food and gift project for Hopi families in several villages.  Includes youth learning aides, elderly toiletries.
  • Hopi permaculture orchard-garden projects to increase local healthy food supply & train Hopi youth.
  • Hopi winter firewood and wood stove project.
  • Hopi home repair support to enhance health & well-being.
  • Support for Hopi based-initiatives which are working to restore Hopi traditional farming and healthy diet, economic sustainability, home repair and cultural continuance.
  • Provide supplies for traditional activities
  • Currently provide school kids with learning workbooks, art supplies, sports equipment.
  • Cross-cultural learning: Hopi presentations in Sedona area.
  • Seminars on Hopi and Navajo lands:
    • For non-Hopis, taught by Native people who receive respect, get compensated for their time; and visitors hear an authentic voice of tribal peoples.
    • Programs on topics of interest to Hopi people.
  • Connecting Hopi people to resources, learning opportunities

danceBecome Part of Our Circle of Support

  • Make donations: cash, supplies, help, haul
  • Paypal link for one-time or recurring donations on this page
  • Help plan & manage events and fund raise
  • Become a personal sponsor: provide food, supplies to a family one or more times during the year
  • Drive your SUV or truck to haul supplies and/or firewood to Hopi.
  • Help with home repair projects, hauling supplies, garden-orchard projects
  • Host Hopis at your home, or donate to travel costs of presenters in Sedona
  • Help at our information or donation tables
  • Help us increase our network of support
  • Tell your friends about us—sign up for newsletter
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