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Hopi Youth Support

Support for Hopi Youth

Hopi girl at a social dance – photo by Sandra Cosentino

The kids are the future!

We have been providing learning activity books, school and art supplies and sports items support for the children’s at-home learning since 1999.

New Project: 2020 to 2021

Hopi Kids Learning Enrichment Support  

 welcomed during cornonavirus emergency for Village of Shungopavi

Shungopavi Village is under covid lock-down restrictions. This village, the most traditional one at Hopi, has almost 1,000 people and about 110 covid cases as of July 29. Gatherings are not allowed. School this fall will most likely be by remote learning. Hopi families welcome in-home learning enrichment supplies.

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects invites tax-deductible donations for learning enrichment support for 280+ Shungopavi youth ages 3 to 18 during the coming school year. CWHP is communicating with the village administration on needs of the youth.

CWHP will deliver supplies for each child at regular intervals throughout the school year to the Shungopavi Community Administration, who will distribute to all of the village school children. The first delivery goal is August 20. And with your help there will also be an October and December delivery and will continue into 2021 as donations allow.

Shungopavi Village Library start up is underway.

We are coordinating with the Shungopavi Village to install a start-up library to benefit the youth of the village with fiction and non-fiction books.

Shungopavi Village has a goal to build a Youth Learning Center in a new modular building with the pandemic funding they hope to receive. The Village used to have a library in their community building but it was water damaged.

The village now as a Wifi hub to support remote learning.

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, a Verde Valley-based non-profit since 1999, welcomes:

Tax-deductible monetary donations to purchase supplies dedicated to Shungopavi Youth Learning Enrichment Support  or books for the Shungopavi Library start up can be made on-line or by check; please see:

Sedona Drop Off Location

Donations of school, art, sports, healthy snacks, and hygiene/grooming supplies can be dropped off at:

Sedona Artist Market between 10 am and 4 pm daily (2081 W. 89A, next to Harkins Theatre).  In-kind donation receipts can be supplied if you include your name and email.

If you want to shop for these Hopi youth, this is the wish-list:

(Please, NO used items except trikes/bikes in good shape):

  • Preschool and early grades items to develop coordination and motor skills such as blocks & wooden puzzles; activity books/flashcards to learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters; and safe, soft type balls.
  • Grades 1 – 5 activity, puzzle and reading books; card games, board games, art and science projects items, math flash cards, safe age-appropriate sports items, Lego and other building type sets. Hygiene and grooming supples.
  • Grades 6 – 12: solar calculators, 3-ring binders + paper, notebooks, pens, highlighters, felt markers, acrylic  paints, brushes, art pencils, drawing pads, art canvases, sports supplies, board games, new fiction and non-fiction books of interest to this age group (the village will set up a re-circulation program with the books so they will be shared as kids finish them).  Hygiene and grooming supplies and other supplies to enhance online learning also welcomed.
  • Healthy non-perishable snacks welcomed such as bags/jars of nuts, low-sugar granola bars, dried fruit, jerky, summer sausage.
  • New sweatsuits, socks, underwear for ages 3 – 18.

Many families have kids in need of clothing and nutritional support.

We also buy beds and bedding for kids in need.

We are providing needed supplies for Hopi foster children.

Hopi youth at 2nd Mesa during our 2016 Hopi Holiday Project by Bryan Philips

photo by Jackie Klieger

photo by Jackie Klieger

How you can get involved:

  • Become a Sponsoring Friend to a Hopi family and either ship packages monthly or make monthly recurring Paypal donations (link on home page) and we will send needed items to a family.
  • If you are local, you can shop and ship for the kids or we will arrange delivery.
  • Monetary Donations dedicated to Hopi youth support are welcome at any time. 
  • We sometimes meet  up with Hopi families in Flagstaff to purchase needed supplies and clothing–we welcome your donation for this and you can come meet them and help shop in person.
  • Make deliveries to Hopi for us of supplies for families

Supplies needed:

Exercise and dexterity development equipment – for pre-school to high school age such as balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, building blocks, kites

School backpacks, learning workbooks, flashcards (preschool and elementary) writing paper and pencils, pens, binders/ruled paper, and other learning aides.

Art supplies such as paper, crayons, acrylic paints, brushes, painting paper and boards (many youth sell their art), scissors.

Older children make can use of exacto knives, sandpaper and paints for their carving and rattle making which is part of the ceremonial support and also a way to learn livelihood skills.

New clothing and coats for all ages.  We do not take used clothing.

Children’s folding beds with good mattress and bedding sets (costs about $250 per set).

Pre-school playground equipment we purchased for 4 playgrounds in 2014

(balance beam and bouncer photos not taken at Hopi, shown here for illustration purposes; climbing cave photo by Sandra Cosentino was taken at 1st Mesa site right after it was installed by Hopi crew before the fill was placed around the equipment)

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