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Hopi Winter Heat Support

Hopi Winter Heat Support

Coal Mine Closures Creating a Heating Crisis

Hopis are abruptly losing their primary heat source with closure of the coal mines on the Colorado Plateau in 2019. For decades Hopi households have received free coal cards to obtain sufficient coal for the winter.  They only had to obtain a small amount of firewood to start their coal.

Now, all at once, Hopis are having to find alternatives.

Propane, electric and firewood all require cash income to provide.

Hopi truck and trailer loaded with firewood shows work being done to supply firewood for elders in need.

Wood costs less than gas or electric, but many families lack the means to obtain firewood (due to low cash income and/or transportation and tools to do wood cutting).

Unloading firewood at Hopi home illustrates Hopi winter heat project

Visualize that it takes 3 long bed pick ups with wood piled as high as the cab to supply one household.  This wood has to be cut on forests that are at least a 2 hour drive from Hopi or purchased from vendors.

Compounding the challenge, many families do not have the right type of stove to burn firewood.

Short Term Emergency Support Project for elders in need of firewood.

This fall and winter, we are helping fund firewood deliveries to Hopi seniors who lack the means to obtain firewood.  Our volunteer, Hugh Hoglan, is coordinating a small-scale support project in coordination with Hopis we know who are reaching out to help elders at 2nd Mesa.  All photos on this page were taken by Hugh or Lainie Hoglan in fall, 2019.

Hugh has mainly been working with Hopis at 2nd Mesa to: haul wood, repair trucks and trailers, and purchase wood cutting equipment, and develop skills with chain saw use and maintenance.  He also helps find sources of firewood, good deals on good quality used wood stoves, and hauls loads of wood in his own pick up and trailer.

Hugh Hoglan teaching Hopi youth chain saw maintenance. Photo by Lainie Hoglan. 11-22-19

We suggest that Hopi people who are looking for support with firewood and coal contact their village Community Service Administrator to see what support help may be available through their village or the Hopi Tribe during this transition time of coal mine closing.

Donations in support of firewood for Hopi elders and others in need of winter firewood are welcome. 

Please see: Paypal link or info where to mail a check on our front page.

We are a small, but dedicated, all-volunteer group based in Sedona and the surrounding Verde Valley.  None of us receive compensation for our work.

Donations of pick up trucks and/or trailers in good working condition are welcomed by Hopi woodcutters.

Hopis loading wood at Flagstaff wood lot. Photo by Lainie Hoglan.

We are providing funding in support of:

  • the chimney sweep training classes being taught by Red Feather Development Group non-profit
  • installation of 2 solar heaters demos for a community center and a home as part of Red Feather’s work to pilot development of sustainable heat sources
  • we also purchased 2 large loads of wood for the 2nd & 1st Mesa villages which Red Feather coordinated and had delivered to 2 village woodlot compounds for distribution to elders in need.

    Massive load of firewood delivered mid-September in support of 2nd Mesa elders–managed by Red Feather Development Group.

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