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December, 2016 Hopi Holiday Project Photos

December, 2016 Hopi Holiday Project Photos

17th Annual Hopi Holiday Project Photos

Apache Dance by Hopi group in Sedona

December 3, 2016 we arranged to bring a Hopi dance group to Tlaquepaque, Sedona in coordination with Wendy Lippman, General Manager to kick off our Sedona fund raising season.  The Hopi group from Moencopi danced an Apache Dance to honor that tribe:  because Apache people still live in this area and because Apaches helped protect Hopis from Spanish invaders during the 1600’s.

these photos are by Monica Parsley:

Hopi group, Tlaquepaque, Sedona doing Apache dance by Monica Parsley

Hopi Youth doing Apache Dance by Monica Parsley


Sedona donation tables at Tlaquepaque & Jay’s Bird Barn

We appreciate the community support in the Sedona and Verde Valley community in bringing bagged toiletry sets for elders, youth learning aides and sports items and donations for food and supplies for families.   We are also grateful for the generous donations from people from across the the US and even from Canada!

Delivery day December 18, 2016

Bryan Phillips doing a selfie with Hopi youth.


Youth bag produce for distribution out to village homes. Photo by Jackie Klieger.

Valencia, one our our Hopi team leaders, re-packing gifts into family bundles before delivering. Photo by Dennis Connolly.

Hopi Youth with new truck by Jackie Klieger

This gifting project is from a place of friendship and respect and acknowledges the challenges of living in a remote area of northeastern Arizona far from the economic resources of the modern world.


Finishing a marathon day of sorting pre-school thru grade school workbook-supply packets + high school art and sports items. We had tables of supplies all over the room and then had to sort by grade level and make & label sets for 4 Hopi distribution points.