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New Season Begins at Hopi, November, 2015 Newsletter

New Season Begins at Hopi, November, 2015 Newsletter

The painting is by Hopi artist Filmer Kewanyama that portrays the feeling of this sacred time of year.

Wuwuchim – first of 3 Winter Ceremonials

Hopis are now in a ceremonial time of praying for germination of life in this sacred time of purification and lighting the fire to life.  The Katsinam are called to come out to reenact the arrival of Hopi in this, the 4th world.

Ancestral Heritage Sites of the Verde Valley Program

Filmer was one of several Hopi adults and youth who spent Nov. 14-15 exploring ancestral sites with Ken Zoll, executive director of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center and some of our group.

Below photos of Filmer and Hopi youth scouting the trail ahead of the adults by Sandra Cosentino.
We co-sponsored this program, along with the Center, including the evening Ancestral Heritage of the Verde Valley visual program by Ken at Montezuma Castle National Monument.
3 of the Hopi youth opened the program by singing a song to call the Spirits to emerge.
As we all left in the dark, sounds of Hopi language and laughter echoed out into the night–a memorable evening for all who attended.

We plan to deepen the bridge with Hopi people and the ancestor heritage in the Verde Valley:
–supporting Hopi youth and adults to learn more about their heritage sites
–bringing to life for non-Hopi people now living in this area how these sites are part of modern day Hopi culture and how Hopis still come to connect with these sites–the living home of  ancestor spirits who help with the continuance of life
–build public support for protecting the ancestor sites.

We support the VVAC in expansion of the Site Watch Program and in raising funds to build the new VV Archaeology Center facility in Camp Verde.

Hopi 16th Annual Winter Gifting Program Underway

Your support is welcome to help us provide staple foods, gifts, learning workbooks and sports items for kids and more to dozens of Hopi families this winter.

Below are right are some photos from previous years:
photo by Sandra Cosentino

Blessings of this winter season to you from,
Sandra, the Verde Valley/Flagstaff support team
and our friends at Hopi

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