Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

Hopi Holiday Project Press Release 2020

Hopi Holiday Project Press Release 2020

The 22nd annual Hopi Holiday Project by Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects 

December 2020 through January 2021

We welcome monetary donations and gifts in support of:
++ the 100+ Hopi children in foster care and for
++ the 350 youth of the traditional village of Shungopavi.

Hopi people appreciate the long time support of our local Verde Valley community and that of people from across the U.S and Canada. 

The 2 photos below are from our fall delivery to the community center of 330 bags of school supplies for Village of Shungopavi youth.

Part of the 330 bags of school supplies delivered to the Village of Shungopavi in October, 2020
Delivery of school supplies for youth being unloaded in Shungopavi.

Delivering gifts to Hopi Foster Care December 14

Hopi Foster Care staff receiving boxes of gifts for more than 100 foster care youth (1 of 3 vehicles loaded Dec., 2109 at Hopi). Photo by Bryan Phillips.

Hopis visit V Bar V rock art panel, on of their sacred ancestor sites

Hopis visiting ancestral sacred site: rock art panel at V Bar V in Verde Valley, Arizona

Hopis are the descendants of the ancestral peoples of northern Arizona and still maintain ceremonial connection to many sites throughout the whole region. 

Traditional Hopi people believe their ancestral sites are still alive with the presence of their ancestors.  And today’s Hopi conduct annual pilgrimages to former village and other sacred sites in the region surrounding their remote reservation in northeastern Arizona.   They make prayer offerings inviting the ancestors to support the continuance of life for the well being of all peoples.

The next 4 photos below are from our 2019 Hopi Holiday Project delivery.

The key Hopi gift needs identified by director Sandra Cosentino are:

Learning and skill building gifts for the Hopi Youth:

  • learning games & sports items for K to high schooler age groups

  • electronic items used by high schoolers

  • good quality art supplies such as colored pencil-sketchbooks; acrylic paint-brushes-canvases sets

  • pre-school skill building sets (e.g. blocks, building kits, shapes-patterns, puzzles)

  • Hopi baby and toddler gifts

  • notebook paper, drawing pads,  how-to-draw books, pens, pencils

Hygiene/toiletry items for the youth:
hair brush/comb; shampoo/creme rinse; deodorant; manicure kits; hair ties/barrettes; hand lotion; towel sets.

Elder Gift Bags welcome.
Elders love receiving toiletry and bath towel gift sets as well as blankets and shawls and socks! You are welcome to enclose a friendly card in your bag.

If you love to shop on line, you can ship Hopi gifts directly to one of our Hopi team members–please email for details and shipping address:
We can provide an in-kind donation receipt for new gift items you purchase.

Please see & share our Hopi Holiday Project 2020 poster here.

Tax-deductible donations can be made:

  • via Paypal on our website.
  • or by Checks made out to Cornucopia with Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in memo field and mailed to:  Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects. P.O. Box 3288, Sedona, AZ, 86340

++ Our fiscal agent is Cornucopia Community Advocates, a 501c3 Arizona non-profit corporation based in Sedona, AZ

We will have a Donation box and info
at 2 locations through January 2021

Sedona Artist Market
(next door to Harkins Theatre in West Sedona
2081 W. State Route 89A.
Hours:  Open 7 days a week 10-5 pm

Jay’s Bird Barn in Prescott,
1046 Willow Creek Road, Suite 105.
Hours:  Mon. – Sat., 9 am – 6 pm

Please NO stuffed animals, no used clothing and no food items. 

Please see and share our poster with list of needed gift items
Hopi Holiday Project & year round giving page
Facebook page

Our volunteers and Hopi people unloading case of produce and gifts in a muddy village. Photo by Jackie Klieger.

This Sedona and Verde Valley, Arizona non-profit volunteer group provides support year round for Hopi families and Hopi service groups to help grow sustainability in their remote villages in northeastern Arizona.