Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects

Sponsor Hopi Youth or Families

Sponsor  Hopi Youth or Families

These kids are the future....sponsor a Hopi family

Support to them really CAN make a difference!

 At Hopi, there is a growing population of youth in households that are frequently multi-generational.  Children are highly valued in Hopi culture and many times I have heard Hopi grandmothers say, "I am rich in grandchildren."  

Sponsor Donations go toward support for supplies, new clothing, learning aides, food, and sometimes beds for kids sleeping on the floor. Donations are really are appreciated by these families who live so far from economic resources.  Hopi advisors tell us about children most in need.

Please see Hopi Youth Support Projects info here.

We welcome sponsors:

  • monthly (or one time) donation via Paypal (In the menu bar to right and on Home page)
  • donation by check 
  • donation by you ordering on line for direct shipment to Hopi and we provide you a donor receipt for your purchase  (we are now able to get fast shipment using their Post Office street address since Hopi homes do not have street addresses--I just sent one to Hopi Foster Care that got there in 2 days).
  • you ship monthly or bi-monthly packages during the year with new clothing, learning items, sports equipment, art supplies, books, nutritional support such as nuts and dried fruit.

Please email us if you want to be a sponsor.

Some Specific Sponsorships (please contact us for more info) We welcome a sponsor to send supplies to a child special needs coordinator with the Hopi Tribe who is supporting and counseling a group of 7 girls on a volunteer basis on her own time. The girls are in the K - 12 age group and are in need of supplies and clothing. Hopi Foster care has on-going needs for school supplies, duffel bags, beds/bedding and more. A traditional family with 7 children from ages 2 - 13 in a 3-generation household needs on-going support for clothing, school supplies.  They will need beds/bedding once the addition to their one room home is completed.
Tax-deductible donations for the kids (or other projects): 
Paypal:  select one-time or recurring monthly donations link in menu bar to right or on our Home page.
 Checks:  Tax-deductible donations are made out to "Cornucopia" with "Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects" in memo field and mailed to: Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, P.O. Box 3288, Sedona, AZ  86340
Our fiscal agent is Cornucopia Community Advocates, a 501c3 Arizona non profit corporation based in Sedona, AZ.

Excerpt from a 2013 thank you letter from Jolene Johns, Hopi Head Start Special Needs Coordinator:    ("Askwali is the Hopi female word to say "Thank You.")  Jolene has been part of our Hopi advisor and distributor circle since 2013 and continues her dedicated work in support of Hopi kids on her own, in her job and with us.
"I don’t know how much to thank you all enough for all that you do for our children and our staff here at Hopi. And I would like to continue working with you all, and to keep that collaboration with Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects. And to all the people that make their donations, THANK YOU!!   ASKWALI!!

 Thank you Jolene for all you do.