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Hopis and Solstice, December 2013 Newsletter

Hopis and Solstice, December 2013 Newsletter

Winter Solstice – setting the pattern for the year

Tomorrow, all across Hopi, prayer feathers) to bless all of life will be delivered to homes, villages and shrines all across the region far outside the boundaries of their reservation.

“Each year the opening ceremony of the Kachina season is performed by the Solstice or “Return” Kachinas.  Their appearance, after a six-month absence, signals the starting of a new Hopi year for no other kachina may be seen on the mesas until this ritual is completed.  These kachinas appear after the Wuwuchim Ceremony, which is held in late November, and at a precise interval before the Winter Solstice.”  (from: Kachina, A Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Cliff Bahnimptewa)

The Soyal Ceremony prayers and rituals help the Hopi turn the sun toward its summer home and begin giving strength to all life for the growing season ahead. It accepts and confirms the pattern of life development for the coming year. It includes reverent silence, fasting and humility and eating of sacred foods to achieve spiritual focus. Much of this activity occurs within the kivas and Soyal ceremonies are not open to the public.

What seeds are you planting for your new year?

Hopi Winter Gifting Project

We are in the midst of this 14th annual gathering of donations to supply food, new clothing, learning books, sports items for kids and toiletries for elders.  We appreciate the participation of people from across the US and Canada.

If you would like to make a a tax-deductible donation: 
checks are made out to Cornucopia with Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in memo and mailed to:
PO Box 3288, Sedona, AZ, 86340

or we have a Paypal link on Hopi project website:


Sponsors Welcome for Hopi Preschoolers

A new coat is a big deal for Hopi pre-schoolers. We have 170 kids left to support–if you can get them the coat (and other clothes if you can), we will add activity books and a note from you and deliver it when they get back to Head Start after the break.  We will be doing this all year.

We give you the child’s first name and clothing size and you shop/ship to us or we order for you and include your note.  Thanks to those of you who already have done this.  We appreciate the energy and heart you put into that.

We also welcome sponsors to send some preschool activity books for a whole classroom.  There are 10 classrooms with 19-20 kids each or 195 total students.  I will provide you the direct address to Head Start and the name of a teacher who will give them out to the kids to use at home.  If you need a tax receipt, we provide that if you send us your receipt of purchase and noticfication of when you shipped.

Head Start Playgrounds

Great news:  we received a $20,000 grant from a private foundation to buy needed playground equipment for the 4 playgrounds!  12 pieces of equipment are on the way to Hopi Head Start.  And we are working with Director, Rayma Duyongwa, to develop a 3 year plan that will include natural playground elements and much more.  We will  be seeking donations to purchase the natural playground elements such as pavers, garden soil, fruit trees and logs.

You are welcome to come help for 4 weekends in March 2014 when installation work for equipment and some of the natural playground elements such as garden plots, hop scotches made with pavers, man in the maze labyrinth, obstacle course and fruit trees will be underway.  More details coming in January.

We Appreciate Your Support

We accept donations in support of our Hopi projects. Our office costs, labor and gas are donated by our dedicated volunteers. Our fiscal agent is Cornucopia Community Advocates, a 501c3 Arizona non profit corporation based in Sedona, AZ. Tax-deductible donations are made out to Cornucopia with Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects in memo field. Mailing address: Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects, PO Box 3288, Sedona, AZ, 86340 to make a one-time donation:

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