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Hopi Water Declaration

Hopi Water Declaration

Hopi Declaration of Water

“As children of water,
we raise our voices in solidarity to speak for all waters.

Water, the breath of all life, water the sustainer of all life,
water the voice of our ancestors, water pristine
and powerful.

Today we join hands, determined to honor,
trust and follow the ancient wisdom of our ancestors
whose teachings and messages continue to
live through us.

The message is clear: Honor and respect water
as a sacred and life-giving gift from the Creator of Life.
Water, the first living spirit on Earth.

All living beings come from water,
all is sustained by water,
all will return to water to begin life anew.

We are of water, and the water is of us.
When water is threatened, all living things are

What we do to water, We do to ourselves.”

Adopted at the Hopi Hisot Navoti Gathering
October 23, 2003 Second Mesa, Arizona

Source:  Black Mesa Trust website whose motto is “Paatuaqatsi Water is Life”
Black Mesa Trust is a Hopi-based environmental protection group founded in 1999 and is focused on sustainability of the waters.

“The mission of Black Mesa Trust is to safeguard, preserve and honor the sacred land and water of the Black Mesa and our Mother Earth for future generations.”


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