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Hopi Foster Care

Hopi Foster Care

The Hopi Foster Care Program is part of Hopi Social Services Department. 

Their role is to protect children up to age 18 at Hopi and for Hopi children living off the reservation in Arizona and in other states. They provide counseling services and work with both the Hopi Court and the Arizona State Court on behalf of the children.

Hopi Foster Care Program also works under the federal Indian Child Welfare Act.

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March 13, 2020; 1 – 2:30 pm
Hopi Foster Care information program at Sedona Public Library 

Currently there are more than 100 children from babies to age 18 in the Hopi Foster Care Program.

Hopi rain clouds, a symbol of abundance

Cultural conditions at Hopi and the Indian Child Welfare Act make it harder to reach permanent placement for the older Hopi children.  Thus, Hopi children may be in foster care for many years.  Hopi Social Services faces challenges of an insufficient budget and is dependent on outside resources to help meet the needs of the children.

“In our years of providing equipment and supplies in support of Hopi foster children we have been deeply impressed with the hard work, the heart, the long hours and fierce dedication of the Hopi Social Services team!,” says Sandra Cosentino, Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects director.

Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects keeps in touch with the Hopi Foster Care Program on what the current needs for the foster children and provides support year round.

We invite you to help support these children with:

  • monetary donation dedicated to Hopi Foster Care budget
  • ship items directly to Hopi Foster Care
  • if you are local to our area, we invite you to help us shop, help us locate good quality equipment (either new or slightly used) and/or deliver items to Hopi.

Wish List for Hopi Foster Care

Equipment (new or good quality used)

Need three, I-Pads (travel pack type for the youth to use during long car rides)

2 twin beds

Heavy duty baby strollers for running (they are sturdier to deal with the rough ground)

Training potties

Baby monitors (camera)

Toddler car seats that are not past the expiration date

Booster seats

Infant car seats that are not past the expiration date


Bikes (both younger and teen sizes)

Duffle bags

Volleyball knee pads

Hygiene Supplies

baby shampoo/lotion sets

diapers (we can give you size list if you want to shop for them)

Twin bed pads, sheets, pillows-pillow covers and cases, blankets–new items only

Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant

Hair and nail grooming items

Feminine hygiene supplies

Body wash, towel sets

School Supplies

School backpacks for grades 1 – 12

Notebooks, 3 ring and ruled paper

Pens, pencils

Sharpie markers

Highlighter pens



Support Junior-Senior High Students with clothes and shoe shopping in Flagstaff

Your support for the youth is greatly appreciated at Hopi Foster Care.

We have a year round collection basket at Sedona Artist Market next to Harkins in West Sedona. 

Please NO used clothing or used bedding.

Please call us if you have equipment to donate.