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May 24, 2022

Hopi Ceremonial Support

Photo by June Rettinger of Warrior Dance, Sechomovi, September, 2019 (taken with permission).  Big thank you to her and several others who have hauled supplies these past few months for ceremonial support.


We provided supplies for ceremonies for Hopi families who sponsored fall youth and ladies ceremonies, summer kachina dances and winter-spring kiva ceremonies. This includes cases of produce that is handed out by the Kachinas to the public during the summer dances, bulk food supplies for ladies cooking for participants who are in the kiva and for large extended families who come to help with these events. We also buy large bowls for the ladies to toss along with baskets at their October Basket Dances.

If any one wants to make Basket Dance deliveries to 2 groups at 2nd Mesa around the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays in October, please let me know.  These dances are open to the public.

Historic 1940 Hopi Basket Dance painting by Fred Kabotie celebdrating harvest and fertility.   This gives you an idea of what this ceremony looks like as the baskets, symbol of female womb, are tossed out to the eager men.

Hopi Winter Heat Crisis Program, Sedona, Oct. 3, 2019

You are invited to learn more about: housing & heating challenges with closure of coal mine, strategies that are being deployed to help, and cultural and religious significance of fire & use in home heating.  Presented by Joe Seidenburg, Red Feather Develop Group, Flagstaff based non-profit and cultural perspectives by Hopi-Navajo speaker, Davis R. Maho.

We will have a discussion at the end with Hugh Hoglan about his support project for Hopis hauling firewood. Right now we have $1000 left in firewood donations to seed this project.  He has generously donated equipment, auto repairs, and hauled a lot of wood toward getting this project going.

The press release and poster for this are on our Facebook page.
Program is 6 – 7:30 pm, Sedona Library.

Photo below by Hugh Hoglan of Hopis digging coal after a 3-hour drive to near the 4 Corners to get there on muddy roads. And then a long wait in line.  Now that Navajo coal-fired power plant is closing, coal won’t be available.  The Black Mesa coal mine near Hopi closed more than a year ago.

We have partnered with Red Feather Development Group to:

  • We purchased 3 large wood deliveries to 1st and 2nd Mesa community wood lots to benefit elders (coordinated by Red Feather and community leaders).  Thank you to our generous donor who funded this plus the seed money for the Hopi firewood hauling.
  • We funded $1,300 for a solar heating installation, as a home solar heater demo project by Red Feather.
  • We have reserved $1000 from fiscal year 2018-19 budget for support for Red Feather’s fall chimney cleaning and solar heating alternative Hopi village workshops.

Photos of recent solar heater solar panel installation demonstration project on the Sipaulovi Community Center Building and the wood hauling delivery:

Jewelry Making workshop with Hopi adults and youth

Lainie Hoglan has been sharing her jewelry supplies and expertise to teach Hopis how to make jewelry.  She did much of this while Hugh was out all day hauling coal.  But I noticed in photos, she helped load fire wood too.

The Hopis of all ages and both male and female are enjoying this and many are selling their jewelry.  What a great sense of community.  Kudos Lainie!

Don’t Worry, Be Hopi

Ed Kabotie and the Yoties. Closing of Rumble on the Rim at Grand Canyon: An Indigenous History of the the Grand Canyon, July 27, 2019.  What a compelling program of information and meaningful songs and tribal dancing.

Ed says the Hopis embraced Reggae many decades ago after visits to Hopi by members of the Marley family. He says Hopis appreciate it as a way to express protests, suffering, emotions in a spiritual and rhythmic way.
Ed introduces the song speaking of the Hopi way to speak to the Universe from your heart and mind through music and dance.
To listen to beginning of song and some of Ed’s Wisdom:  Link to our FB post.

Corn harvest gratitude by Clark Tenakhongva:

“Grateful for another year nature and the creator has blessed our family. 3 months of no rain, fighting elk and crows, we enjoyed the gifts with our meal. Our heirloom seeds can thrive in drought conditions, believe and commitment will give you life, our elders have said since time immemorial.” 9-5-19


Many blessings of this fall season to each of you.  Much gratitude for your continued interest in and support for Hopi people.

Sandra Cosentino, Director

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