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June 23, 2021

Late Summer at Hopi

The Home Dances just concluded.  They celebrate the first harvests and give gifts to the boys and girls.
The Flute and Snake Dance paired ceremonies (not open to the public) are occurring next in the cycle of the year as a prayer for continuing fruition and abundance of moisture. (see discussion of these ceremonies

Hopi Butterfly Dance

Excerpt from descriptive article by Gloria Lomahaftewa:
The Hopi Butterfly Dance is a two-day, ceremonial social dance for young people. During late summer and early fall in northern Arizona’s Hopi villages, the dance takes place when a person or family decides to sponsor it. Ceremonial arrangements must be completed before the village crier’s announcement. The village men provide the prayer songs for the dance. They select the songs and practice them in the kiva, an underground chamber where all Hopi ceremonies are conducted. Often evoking the world’s natural elements and nature’s gifts, the songs thank the Creator for the Hopi way of life.

Youth Support

Hopi youth are returning to school by mid-August and will participate in “Indian Day programs at each school in early September.

This month we will be taking school supplies and new clothing to Hopi youth including foster care children.  We welcome donations for us to purchase supplies and new clothing. If you like to shop, we welcome you to purchase items and drop them at Jay’s Bird Barn in the Sedona Safeway Center or at Cornville location. (We can provide a donation thank you letter that you can attach to your receipt for your tax records)

Girls Support Circle: We welcome a sponsor to send supplies monthly to a child special needs coordinator with the Hopi Tribe who is supporting and counseling a group of 7 girls on a volunteer basis on her own time. The girls are in the K – 12 age group and are in need of supplies and clothing.

Please see newly updated pages:
Hopi School Children Support
Sponsor a Hopi Youth or Family

Hopi Foster Kids 

Recently I contacted the Hopi Department of Social Services when I found out they had need of supplies for Hopi foster children.  I spoke to Lorene Vicente, who manages the Foster Care Program, and she said that as of August, 2017, they had 120 Hopi youth in foster care who were placed on Hopi, in Winslow (where there is a Hopi community), in Flagstaff and Phoenix.  She indicated need for school supplies, backpacks, duffel bags (for carrying their belongings when the kids are moved) and beds.

I did some background research to understand more about Native American Foster Care and found out that children tend to stay in the system longer than in non-Indian foster care.

Please see new article: Native American Foster Care with information about the Indian Child Welfare Act that governs Native foster care and some perspectives on need to improve care.  Photo below is cover photo from Casey Family Programs report on increasing Native American foster care.


Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Projects

We are pleased to announce we made 2 grants to Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture:

  • $2,000 in support of youth and community training work
  • $2,000 in support of 3 of worthy trainees to help them develop their home permaculture garden/orchard

Mario Valeruz, Sedona orchardist and permaculturist, and I will be going up to Kykotsmovi this month to see the 3 sites and coordinate with Lilian Hill, Executive Director.  Lilian and her Hopi team are passionate, knowledgeable and effective in their teaching, orchard restoration, supporting the development of a Hopi food co-op and healthy eating, and much more.   We will sponsor Mario to lead an orchard pruning workshop with HTP this spring.

“We are a community-based organization, initiating hands-on learning projects that support Hopi youth and community to develop skills and practical experience needed to promote a more ecological and healthy Hopi community.” (Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture)

Field Class with Hopi farmers led by Lilian Hill, Executive Director of Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

New Project

Addition to One-Room Hopi Home at 2nd Mesa to make bedrooms & bathroom for 11 people

We appreciate your donations to provide labor and part of the materials for a traditional 3-generation family with 7 young children and 4 adults at 2nd Mesa.  They  live in a one-room home with no bathroom.  The family has bought materials,  put up the walls and raised money for the roof materials.  We are supporting them with:

  • hiring a Hopi builder to install the roof with the help of the family
  • helping them fund the materials and builder labor to install the bathroom and room partitions

Happy Summer to all of you,

Sandra Cosentino, Director

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