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July 18, 2024

This is our Independence Day!

Post by Filmer Kewanyama (with permission)
Mural by Michael Kabotie (Lomawywesa)

“The Pueblo Revolt of August 10, 1680—also known as Popé’s Rebellion—was an uprising of most of the indigenous Pueblo people against the Spanish colonizers in the province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, present day New Mexico.This revolt included the Pueblo tribes in New Mexico and the Hopi Tribe in Arizona.

The Pueblo Revolt killed 400 Spanish and drove the remaining 2,000 settlers out of the province. Twelve years later the Spanish returned and were able to reoccupy New Mexico with little opposition, note the Spanish never returned to Hopi,though they reoccupied New Mexico.
To right is my painting of our Hopi kalehtakas who are guardians, protectors.”

Summer Moisture

The Flute Dance is happening at 1st and 2nd Mesa now in mid-August at Hopi in celebration of the abundance of growth and moisture.  This exquisite painting by Filmer Kewanyama (with permission) called “Hopi Cherish the Sacred” eloquently portrays the energy of this.

Summer rains have been occurring, but the dry winter and spring meant that many dry farmers were unable to plant this year.

I love this photo by Clark Tenakhonva of Hopi kids at 1st Mesa playing in the summer rain puddles last month.

Hopi Permaculture

Hopi Permaculture is thriving as more farmers are learning and putting in drip system supported orchard/gardens along with deep mulching, contouring, use of rain capture cisterns, companion planting, greenhouses and more.  Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture has been training Hopis, leading orchard installations projects, and is now building one straw bale, energy efficient home a year at Hopi.

I enjoyed visiting Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture office June 8 and met their effective and dedicated staff who are working to support food sustainability and health by training Hopis in permaculture style garden/orchard installation and management, supporting the Hopi food coop and farmers market and conservation.

At 2 of their learning sites, I saw their interns at work creating terraces, contouring the ground for water retention, roof run off cisterns, and the ecosystem style plantings that are deeply mulched to minimize need for watering. Sandy, wind blown land becomes a garden!

We are proud to continue our support for this dedicated, effective group with a $5,000 grant for training students and for installing orchard/garden start up systems.   And a big thank you to our recent donor who is adding $2,000 to this which will support a new training program for 12 families in doing these food sustainability installations!

Please see more info and photos here.

Orchard in 7th year Kykotsmovi with companion plantings (guilds and wind break trees) and heavy mulching thrive with very little watering.

We thank Dee Logan of Arizona Community Farmers’ Markets for making two produce hauls up to Hopi this summer.  Dee and her growers donated the produce and Dee her time to make the long round trip from Phoenix.  She has been coordinating with the Hopi Food Coop and with community leaders we invited from 3 villages to help distribute the welcome fresh food.  We donated to help her with the truck expenses and really appreciate her dedication to this.

As part of our on-going family food support, I also brought other staple foods and ceremonial support food for several families.
(above 2 photos by Sandra Cosentino)

We have been busy shopping for school supplies for elementary and high school kids.

We give special thanks to Jolene Johns for volunteering her time to do distribution of supplies to kids in need.   And thank you to Joey Morelli for delivering one of the supply loads to Jolene and to Terrilyn Green for helping me shop and load.  We also coordinated with the Youth Farm Group leader to send school and hygiene supplies to that group.

We also have done several shipments of school supplies plus beds, tote bags, and hygiene supplies to the Hopi Foster Care program this spring and summer.

If anyone would like to shop and ship on line, please contact me and I can give a list of items and where to ship them to Hopi.  We can provide you with a in-kind donation thank you letter to attach to your receipt for your tax purposes.

Water Maiden Dance

Earth Day Hopi youth danced the Palikmana, Water Maiden Dance, which calls forth good blessings of new life and abundance.
Special Earth Day program put on by Tlaquepaque.
We arranged for the Hopi dancers to come to Sedona in coordination with Tlaquepaque and provided a cultural introduction before they danced.
Photo by Jackie Klieger

Happy summer fruition time to each of you and thank you for being part of the circle of support for and with our Hopi neighbors,

Sandra Cosentino

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