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April 23, 2024

Winter Solstice “Star”…..
a moment of celestial wonder

December 21 look to the southwest sky about 45 minutes after sunset to see what appears to be one very bright star, visible for the first time this close together since 1226 AD.
“Jupiter and Saturn’s align in a “great conjunction” every 19.6 years, but they’re rarely as close—from our point of view on Earth—as on December 21, 2020 when the two planets will be separated by less than the apparent diameter of a full Moon.”
Solstice Star will be seen when Jupiter and Saturn come together on December 21, 2020.

Solstice Star conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn December 21, 2020

At Hopi, the SOYAL CEREMONY occurs at winter solstice, the dawn of life for the year. This ceremony helps to turn the sun back toward its summer path and implements the life plan for the year. Activities take place in the kiva and include reverent silence, fasting and humility and eating of sacred foods to achieve spiritual focus. Prayer feathers are placed in homes, villages and around the ancestral homeland in shrine sites.

Shonto Begay paintings of heat and reaching to Spirit

San Francisco Peaks – sacred mountains – shown in the radiance of the summer heat by Navajo artist Shonto Begay to the left below. Sun and warmth has been a powerful presence since April and just started to cool down this past month.
“The Cresting Inferno” (above right) is a powerful, poignant painting that carries an imminent sense of change and loss as well as the long presence of Native peoples in these southwestern lands. Many of us who also love these lands feel the emotion of this time too and the need for restoring balance with Mother Nature. I appreciate Shonto’s vivid, emotional, artistic evocation of change that is happening.
Large pinyon pine with spiral symbols reaching to the darkening sky.
Holding the Cosmos seems to depict the spiritual energy that connects all of life and reach to Spirit.  Even the pinyon pine has that hot orange-yellow light.

School Supplies for 330 Youth doing at-home school

Following an intense month of shopping and packing, on August 21 we delivered 330 bags of school supplies and learning aides to Shungopavi Community for the school age youth.
Kindergarten School Supply bag was part of delivery August 2020 to Shungopavi 330 school kids
A big THANK YOU to all who made donations to make this possible and to our drivers and the hard working small crew of volunteers who put this together.  We appreciate Chris Duffy-Wentzel and Dave Wentzel hosting the organizing of the large amount of supplies in their garage and their long hours of making  up bags.  Shout out to Joey Morelli and Terrilyn Green for their excellent organizing and bagging work and Joey’s leading of the delivery.
Photo by Lainie Hoglan of the delivery at the Shungopavi Community Hall:
Delivery of school supplies for youth being unloaded in Shungopavi.

Hopi Holiday Project

Hopi boy with new binoculars on top of cliff edge with tractor in background represents Hopi youth looking to the future and welcoming learning enrichment supplies and vision for the future

Hopi boy trying out new binoculars. Photo by Rob Harrison.

The 22nd annual Hopi Holiday Project underway.
This year’s project is focused on gifts and toiletries for:
++ the 100+ Hopi children in foster care and for
++ the 350 youth of the traditional village of Shungopavi.

We welcome monetary donations and gifts.

The kids are doing at-home learning during the covid crisis and these learning and hygiene items will very helpful and appreciated.

Thank you for sharing this information with others:

Hopi Holiday Project Poster
Hopi Holiday Project Press Release

To make a Donation

I share with you the gratitude of many Hopi people and send out thoughts of a peaceful and safe winter season for each of you.

Sandra Cosentino, Director/Founder

Village of Shungopavi Library

We are supporting the Village of Shungopavi in starting a library. Lainie Hoglan has been at work for weeks obtaining children’s reading books, adult fiction and more to encourage love of reading. She is color coding them for easy sorting on shelves.
“Reading opens a door to the world.  It enables a Hopi child to cross the boundary between their isolated village and the rest of the world. Children on the Hopi reservation have limited opportunities to read, whether from high quality children’s books or on a tablet. They just don’t own many books, and internet is sparse. (Lainie Hoglan)”
Lainie and Hugh Hoglan and Rob and Sharon Harrison are busy entering our collection into the website database and check out system Rob has designed for this. We have shipped the first sets of shelves to the village.  Below is logo Rob designed.
Shungopavi Village Library logo by Robert Harrison
We are also working on obtaining a useful non-fiction book collection such as field guides, illustrated popular sciences books that are understandable to youth, Southwest cultural-archaeological and more.  We welcome your support to help us grow this library.
More information here.

Sharing energies of gratitude to you from many Hopi people.
And best wishes for a safe and peaceful winter season.

Sandra Cosentino, Director/Founder

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