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July 14, 2024

Hopi Foster Care information program at Sedona Public Library on March 13, from 1 – 2:30 pm.

Delivery of gifts for more than 100 Hopi Foster Care youth during our Hopi Holiday Project in 2019..
Loading into Foster Care vehicles during the Hopi Holiday Project gift delivery in December, 2019 at Hopi for more than 100 foster care youth. Photo by Bryan Phillips.


We have invited Hopi Social Services staff to speak about their Hopi Foster Care program to our area Verde Valley community.

Brenda Patterson, Interim Clinical Supervisor, and Lorene Vincente, Foster Care Social Worker, will discuss their role in protecting children, types of trauma, and counseling services at Hopi and for Hopi foster children living off the reservation in Arizona and in other states.  They will speak of the difference between the Hopi Court and the Arizona State Court.

We will be sitting in circle with them and I encourage those of you who are local to come join us for this time of heartful sharing.

Lorene Vincente says cultural conditions at Hopi and the Indian Child Welfare Act make it harder to reach permanent placement for the older Hopi children.  Thus, Hopi children may be in foster care for many years.  Hopi Social Services faces challenges of an insufficient budget and is dependent on outside resources to help meet the needs of the children.

“In our years of providing equipment and supplies in support of Hopi foster children we have been deeply impressed with the hard work, the heart, the long hours and fierce dedication of the Hopi Social Services team!,” says Sandra Cosentino, Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects director.

Hopi Winter Heat Project Helped 30+ elders over this winter season

Since fall 2019, Hugh Hoglan has been coordinating with a community leader in Shungopavi to provide winter heat for 30+ elderly Hopis without means to obtain from family or purchase these supplies.  Both Hugh and a Hopi community leader have donated their time.  Their Hopi woodcutting and delivery team was paid a very modest stipend for their work.

This dedication, hard work and teamwork gave these elders a lot of peace of mind and comfort.  Hugh also donated equipment, vehicles and spent time training the Hopi wood cutters in chainsaw safety and maintenance skills which helps build future sustainability.

We thank our many generous donors. And give a big thank you to Hugh and Lainie Hoglan and Augustine Mowa for the very effective coordination and project documentation.  The donations were carefully used to maximize their effectiveness and involved Hopis in the process.  I look forward to including an article by the Hoglans on this years’ project and the goals for winter 20-21 in our next newsletter.

This is a Hopi winter heat project budget summary for the fall to spring season.

19,936  total ($1,000 from general budget and the rest in donations)

  • -2,200 purchase heating equipment
    • -1,521 purchase 3 wood burning stoves for elders in need
    • – 181 for electric blankets
    • – 500 for electric space heaters
  • – 4,000 to Red Feather for two mega loads of firewood for 1st and 2nd Mesa communities, fall 2019 for distribution by the Hopi Community Service Representatives in 7 different villages at 1st and 2nd Mesa.
  • -13,736 for purchase of wood & coal and small labor payments to Hopi cutting crew from fall 2019 to spring 2020.

In addition to the above Winter Heat budget we donated $1,300 each to Red Feather non-profit toward the installation of 2 Hopi home and 1 community center solar heating units.   These 3 installations have been completed.

Red Feather Solar Heating installation Sept., 2019, Sipaulovi

Hopi Winter Heat project photos

Photos provided by Hugh and Lainie Hoglan:

Blessings of Spring to you all,

Sandra Cosentino and the Crossing Worlds Hopi Project Circle

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